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Shiflett Lab expands its sorption measurement capabilities

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hiden IGAsorp-HT

By Alejandra Rocha and Mark Shiflett

The Shiflett group continues to expand its sorption measurement capabilities. This time with the Hiden IGAsorp-HT, a high temperature bench-top dynamic vapor sorption analyzer, shown in Figure 1. This ultrasensitive microbalance allows for precise studies on the uptake and kinetics of moisture sorption at elevated temperatures (ranging from 5 °C to 250 °C) and at a wide choice of humidity conditions (1%RH to 95%RH). The IGAsorp has different setting modes with the capability of using water or organics as the vapor stream. This high-precision instrument has a 5g sample capacity and measures sample weights to ± 0.1 μg accuracy using the same force balance method as the IGA and XEMIS instruments. A diagram of the internal system can be seen on Figure 2. Our group is very excited to have the IGAsorp fully operational. 

Figure 1. IGAsorp bench-top dynamic vapor analyzer

Figure 2. IGAsorp internals

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