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Seminar Schedule

Fall 2019 | Thursdays 11:00 - 11:50am in 368 Ritchie Hall

August 26th - First day of class with instructor Amirmasoud Kalantari

September 5th - Shahin Negahban, Associate Professor in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, KU

Topic: Hydrogen Economy

September 12th - Ward Thompson, Professor of Chemistry, KU

Topic: Developing novel catalyist using machine learning  (Research Website)

Sepember 19th - Dr. Syed Tariq, Director of Reservoir Engineering, PETROLERN LLC. (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Enhanced Oil Recovery (Research Wesbite)

September 26th - Jack Pashin, Interim Department Head, Devon Petroleum Engineering, Oklahoma State University (Presenataion Flyer)

Topic: TBD (Research Website)

October 3rd - Workshop Day - Introduction to the Professional Development Series | Topic: Self-Reflection

October 10th - Sherilyn Williams-StroudResearch Scientist and Structural Geologist, Illinois State Geological Survey (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Energy and Minerals (Research Website)

October 24th -  CANCELED as of 10/22/19 - will reschedule in spring)  Soheil Saraji, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming

October 31st - Workshop Day - Associate Professor Sara Wilson from the Mechanical Engineering Dept. will be presenting a workshop on Ethics. 

November 7th - Workshop Day - Topic: Lab Safety 

November 14th - No Class due to AIChE Conference

November 21st - Ayman Allian, Principal Scientist, Amgen Inc.

Topic: Catalysis and continuous manufactoring

November 28th - No Class due to Thanksgiving Holiday 

December 5th - Peter Ravikovitch, Research Scientist, Exxon Mobil

Topic: Adsorption phenomena relevant to petroleum (Scholar Page)


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Geology Colloquiums

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Previous Seminars

Spring 2019 | Tuesdays 1:00 - 1:50pm in Spahr Classroom (2 Eaton)


January 22nd - First day of class with instructor Juan Bravo Suarez

January 29th - Alan Allgeier, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering, KU

February 5th - Chris Cornelius from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Materials such as sol-gel and nano-composites (Research Website)

February 12th - Michael Eikerling from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Fuel Cells and Theoretical Electrochemistry (Research Wesbite)

February 19th - Hugh Daigle from The University of Texas at Austin (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Characterizing physical and transport properties of rock and pore-scale pressure (Research Website)

February 26th - Joan Brennecke from The University of Texas at Austin (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Ionic liquids and CO2 extraction (Research Website)

March 5th - Priya Srivanasan, Doctoral Candidate, Chemical Engineering, KU

March 19th - Justin Hutchinson, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, KU (Presentation Flyer)

March 26th - Saman Aryana from The University of Wyoming (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Multiphase flow in porous media and physics of instability (Research Website)

April 2nd - Shima Fardad from the University of Kansas, EECS Department (Presentations Flyer)

Topic: Light-matter interactions in soft-matter systsems, Nanophotonics, Plasmonics and Metamaterials, and/or Imaging, Microscopy and Spectroscopy Techniques

April 23rd - Prasad Dhurjati from The University of Delaware (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: A range of intersts related to chemical and bioengineering (Research Website)

April 30th - Ive Hermans from The University of Wisconsin at Madison (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Catalysis and kinetic reactions related to energy (Research Website)

Fall 2018 Series 

Oct 4: Won Min Park, K-State, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering [FLYER]

Oct 18: Kevin Lafferty, Devon Energy, Advisory Board Member [FLYER]

Oct 25: Christopher Kitchens, Clemson University [FLYER]

Nov 8: Laurence Weatherley, our department chair, will be leading a Professional Development Workshop [FLYER]

Nov 15: Geoff Bothun, University of Rhode Island [FLYER]

Nov 29: Phil Savage, Department Chair at Penn State [FLYER]

Spring 2018 Schedule

Jan 16th: First Day of Class with Professor Kevin Leonard

Jan 23rd: Mei He, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, KU

Jan 30th: Keith Johnston, M. C. (Bud) and Mary Beth Baird Endowed Chair and Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin (FLYER)

Feb 13th: Jennifer Robinson, Assistant Professor of Chemical/Bioengineering, KU (FLYER)

Feb 27th: Levi Thompson, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Hydrogen Energy Technology Lab at The University of Michigan (FLYER)(YouTube Video)(NOVA appearance starts ~50 minute mark)

March 6th: Arsalan Zolfaghari, Post-Doc for the Tertiary Oil Recovery Program (TORP)

March 13th: Albert Folch, Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle (FLYER)(YouTube Video)

March 20th: NO SEMINAR [Spring Break]

March 27th: Undergraduate Research Award Presentations

April 3rd: Edward Peltier, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, KU (FLYER)

April 10th: Edward Maginn, Dorini Family Professor of Energy Studies and Chair of the Department of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering, Notre Dame (FLYER)

April 17th: Robbie Hable, Doctoral Candidate in Chemical Engineering and School of Engineering Ambassador here at KU

Apr 24th: Mojdeh Rasoulzadeh, Assistant Professor of Applied and Computational Math, University of Alabama (FLYER)

Fall 2017 Schedule

Aug 31st- Chris Depcik from Mechanical Engineering speaking about Academic and Research Integrity (FLYER)

Sept 7th- Laurence Weatherley, Chair of CPE, speaking about his research in green chemistry (FLYER)

Sept 14th- Gibum Kwon from Mechanical Engineering about his research (FLYER)

Sept 28th- Professor and Chair, Baojun Bia from Missouri S&T (petroleum topic) (FLYER)

Oct 5th- Assistant Professor John Newberg from the University of Delaware (catalysis topic)(FLYER)

Oct 12th- James Blakemore from KU Dept of Chemistry (FLYER)

Oct 19th- Eray Aydil, Professor and Chair, from University of Minnesota (renewable energy)(FLYER)

Oct 26th- Alan Allgeier, our newest faculty member from CPE (porous materials)(FLYER)

Nov 9th- Johannes Lercher, a Battelle Fellow from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories [(PNNL)(FLYER)]

Nov 16th- Susan Habas, Senior Scientist from National Bioenergy Center (NREL division)(FLYER)

Nov 30th- Trung Nguyen will present about NSF proposal writing (FLYER)

Dec 7th- Graduate students Aishik Chakraborty and Yuanchao Li will present about their research (FLYER)

Spring 2017 Schedule

Feb 7th: Professional Development Event (FLYER)

Feb 14th: No Seminar

Feb 21st: Steve Lustig from Northeastern University (FLYER)

Feb 28th: Canceled- No Seminar

March 7th: Kamy Sepehrnoori from University of Texas at Austin (FLYER)

March 14th: M. Ali Haider from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (FLYER)

March 21st: Spring Break- No Seminar

April 11th: Damon Talbot from Graduate Studies at KU (FLYER)

April 18th: George Hirasaki from Rice University (Flyer coming)

April 25th: Rick Stroman from the US Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC (FLYER)

May 2nd: Michael J. Aziz from Harvard University (FLYER)

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Gang Yang's Comprehensive Exam Defense | Friday, December 13th | starts @ 9:30AM | 298 Slawson

Stop Day - Movie Night | Friday, December 13th | starts @ 5:00PM | Beren Center (G192 Slawson)

Winter Break | The main CPE office will be closed during the week of December 23-27 and again on Wednesday, Janurary 1, 2020. Some faculty and staff may be available on some of these days, but they should be contacted directly for individual appointments. 

Wednesday, January 15th | New Graduate Student Orientation

Tuesday, January 21st | First Day of Spring 2020 Classes

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