Stan Thompson

Graduated in early Spring 2018
Master's of Science in Petroleum Engineering
Primary office:


I received my BS Mechanical Engineering with Honors in 2011 from the University of Kansas as a Summerfield Scholar.  Upon graduating I took a competitive job offer with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, as a Field Engineer in the Oil & Gas sector.  Over nearly three years I gained significant experience in oilfield operations, in particular wireline well logging and data acquisition, and my work assignments have taken me all over the world, including Abu Dhabi, Colorado, Canada, India, and Texas!  My work experience has led me to pursue a MS degree in Petroleum Engineering, with an emphasis in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering.  I have obtained funding via GTA appointments in Well Log Interpretation and Secondary Oil Recovery: Waterflooding, and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to share my industry experience and help students learn.  I am active in the KU Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter, as well as the Graduate Engineering Ambassadors.  For the last two years I have competed on the KU SPE PetroBowl team, and this year our team competed in Denver, placing 4th of 32 Universities in North America, qualifying KU for Internationals at the annual SPE ATCE Technology Conference, which will be held in San Antonio this year.  Additionally, I have been heavily involved in the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award Petroleum Exploration Competition.  Our geoscience exploration team, consisting of three MS Geology students, one MS Geophysics student, and one MS Petroleum Engineer placed 1st in the competition this year, a first for the University of Kansas!  We will be representing KU at the international competition in Houston.  My research is with Dr. Reza Barati, and we are involved in an interdisciplinary groundwater stewardship initiative project with Environmental Engineering.  Our responsibilities for the project involve studying reservoir and aquifer pressure maintenance, and modeling low-salinity waterflooding for improved oil recovery using produced formation brinewater that ordinarily would be disposed of via injection disposal.  My career aspirations involve becoming an E&P professional, and possibly starting my own company.  I plan to graduate this summer.  In my free time I like to travel and enjoy the outdoors!

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