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Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science in Chemical or Petroleum Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering Bachelor of Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

PhD Program Curriculum

The PhD program requires the completion of 45 credit hours beyond a Master's degree. Required are 15 hours of course work and 30 hours of research work including: 3 graduate level elective courses within our department, two graduate level 'outside electives' (courses related to the doctoral research project which are taken in other departments at KU), and 30 research hours (which includes: 1 hour of C&PE 800 graduate seminar for each enrolled semester, all research hours taken with the student's faculty/research advisor, and courses taken in preparation for the comprehensive examination.

Students who have not previously earned a MS or ME degree but demonstrated outstanding academic preparation during their undergraduate careers can be considered for the Direct PhD program which requires a minimum of 60 total credit hours (Chart Below) and will required them to pass a preliminary exam of research before becoming a PhD aspirant. To maintain Good Academic Standing, all graduate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better at all times and make progress in their personal research once a research advisor is assigned.

Courses- 30 credit hours for Direct PhD students as follows:

  • C&PE Core Courses (5 courses/15 hrs for Chem E focus or 4 courses/12 hrs for Petro E focus)
    Chem E core courses include C&PE 701, 721, 731, 722, 732
    Pet E core courses include C&PE 701, 771, 790, and 795
  • C&PE Inside Electives (3 courses/9 hrs for ChemE focus or 4 courses/12 hrs for Petro E focus)
  • Outside Electives (700+ level/ 2 courses = 6 hrs)

Note: Students who have already earned a MS or ME will have these course requirements reduced to 15 credit hours, however, which specific courses are waived will be decided on a case-by-case basis and will depend on academic achievements and courses taken during the related Master's degree program.

Research: 30+ total cumulative credit hours fulfilled by a combination of the following:

  • C&PE 800 Graduate Seminar (and/or C&PE 802 CEBC Colloquium)
  • C&PE 902 Preparation for the Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination (optional)
  • C&PE 904 Research (MS research C&PE 803 hours will count toward Ph.D. research hours)

       *Note: there are additional courses which may count toward the total number of research hours
       **Note: If a student joins our PhD program already having earned a Master's degree, some of these courses may be waived, but no outside credits will transfer 

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