Mark B. Shiflett

School of Engineering
Foundation Distinguished Professor
Doctor of Philosophy, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
Primary office:
4165A Learned
1530 W. 15th Street
Lawrence, KS 66045
Second office:
2444 LEEP2


Mark B. Shiflett is a Distinguished Foundation Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Kansas. Shiflett has an appointment in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and is a member of the Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis. Professor Shiflett joined the University of Kansas as the final Foundation Professor in August 2016. Professor Shiflett received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware in 2001 and 1998. He received his B.S. degree in chemical engineering from N.C. State University in 1989. Dr. Shiflett retired from the DuPont Company after 28 years of service in August 2016. He was a Technical Fellow in the Central Research and Development organization which is located at the Experimental Station in Wilmington, Delaware. Professor Shiflett was also an adjunct professor at the University of Delaware in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Professor Shiflett is an inventor on 45 U.S. patents and has published over 100 articles on his research. He was awarded the DuPont Bolton Carothers award in 2005, the ACS Hero of Chemistry award in 2006 and the University of Delaware presidential citation in 2007 for his development of hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant mixtures to replace chlorofluorocarbons which were linked to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. Professor Shiflett was elected in 2014 to be a Fellow in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and in 2016 to be a Division Fellow in the American Chemical Society for his significant professional accomplishments and contributions to the chemical engineering profession. Professor Shiflett received the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Institute award for Industrial Research in 2016 for the development of non-ozone-depleting refrigerants which have led to the healing of the Earth’s ozone layer, new applications using ionic liquids, an environmentally friendly TiO2 process and mentoring and educating chemical engineers. Professor Shiflett is a licensed professional engineer and his research at KU will focus on environmentally friendly, energy efficient processes and products for the chemical industry.


Doctor of Philosophy, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
Master of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University


The goal of Shiflett Research Group is to understand the problems of our world today, and to combat these problems with energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Read about each of our projects on the projects page for more information on how our group is using innovative technology and creative approaches to solve problems.

The Shiflett Research Group focuses on the progress of knowledge based on three main pillars: separations and reactions, advanced materials, and industrial research. Each of these have a direct influence on the projects we pursue and the technology we employ.

Read each page to learn more about our research, capabilities, advanced materials, and safety within the lab.

Watch Dr. Shiflett featured in a KU video describing some of his research projects and teaching laboratories. Click here.


Graduate students (11) and Postdoctoral researchers (10) (21 Total):  Kalin Baca (Univ. Kansas), Nicole Montoya (Univ. Kansas), Andrew Yancey (Univ Kansas), Abby Harders (Univ. Kansas), Ethan Finberg (Univ. Kansas), Dr. Berlyn Mellein (Univ. Kansas), Dr. Hannes Schmidt (Univ. Kansas), Dr. Carlos Caster (Univ. Kansas), Dr. Sachin Nandanwar (Univ. Kansas), Ankit Verma (Univ. Kansas), Dr. Rajkumor Kore (Univ. Kansas), Dr. Ana Morais (Univ. Kansas), Nick Redding (Univ. Kansas), Alejandra Rocha (Univ. Kansas), Dr. David Minnick (Univ. Kansas), Dr. Bill Gilbert (Univ. Kansas), Tugba Turnaoglu (Univ. Kansas), Ru Chen (Univ Delaware), Jingsi Gao (Univ. Delaware), Dr. Manish Kelkar (Univ. Notre Dame), Dr. Reza Pourdarvish (Pennsylvania State Univ.).

Undergraduate students (97 Total):  University of Kansas: Erin Sturd, Taylor Needham, Teresa Soraoka, Brian Kirchhoff, Yinxian Wang, Leslie Laguna, Eric Hartman, Rhianna Roth, Greta Olsen, Christopher Lawrence, Mircale Emenuga, Ty Stranghoner, Catherine Dehaemers, Sophia Terian, Jake Wagner, Sofia de La O, Lansten Yew, Noses Lor, Rachel Speckin, Edward Reyes, Kalena Nichol , Lily Higgins, Sowmya Ragothaman, Mekayla Depaolis, Jane Wang, Kerry Kao, David Trevino, Jorge Umana, Channary Ny, Cade Dillon, Chad Sevart, Josh Seybert, Young Hahn, Michel Alhathal, Anna Wilson, Austin Keller, Brooks Danaby, David Moeder, Dylan Flohrschutz, Elizabeth Hyde, Grant Johnson, Grant Romme, Kathryn Baugess, Kaylee Barr, Maddie Lyda, Michael Shao, Sally Ritche, Simon Velasquez Morales, Skylar Pratt, Zakk Roy, Yadira Chavez, Samantha Zuehlke, Ramanpreet Singh, Jen Sheng Yong; Abby Harders (Bethel College); Sierra Staatz (Kansas State University); Karim Al-Barghouti (University of South Florida); University of Delaware: Stephanie Copenhaver, Cameron Mengel, Nathan Heck, Nikhil Rao, Matthew Volnutt, Yiran Wang, Chelsea Shockey (DuPont), Hailey Cramer (Gore), Saul Salonga, Alex Delluva, Bill Michelsen (undergraduate thesis advisor), Bill McKechnie, Menguang Wang, Yuan Wei, Steve Francisco, Ryan Mowers, Neha Ghosh, Stephanie Deal, Nick DiDomizio, Peng Chen, Lindsey Notigan, Kadija Hassanali, Katherine Roop (DuPont), Chris Nunn, Christine Muzzelo, Kyle Tucker, Austin Kotch, Eric Dahl, Courtney Davidson, Andrew DiPietro, Michael Merves, Jay Arivalagan, Rachel Lehr, Kathryn Scrafford, Brandon Stewart; Mack Walls (Univ. Maryland), Monique Bowford (Massachusetts Institute of Tech.), Jessica Anderson (Univ. Notre Dame), Seun Solesi (Univ. Chicago), Reginald Rogers (Georgia Institute Tech.).



Selected Publications

Publications (100 Total), five selected examples:  Shiflett, M.B. Ed., Commercial Applications of Ionic Liquids, Springer 2020; Shiflett, M.B., Maginn, E.J., The Solubility of Gases in Ionic Liquids, AIChE J. 2017, 63(11) 4722-4737; Minnick, D.L., Gilbert, W.J.R., Rocha, M.A., Shiflett, M.B., Thermodynamic Measurement and Modeling of Vinyl Fluoride Solubility in Aqueous Lithium Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide Li+Tf2N- + H2O Solutions, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2017, 444 61-68; Shiflett, M.B., Yokozeki, Solubility of Gases in Ionic Liquids, Ionic Liquids UnCOILed, Wiley 2013 349-386; Shiflett, M.B., Yokozeki, A. Solubility of Fluorocarbons in Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids, Ionic Liquids: From Knowledge to Application, ACS Symposium Series, No. 1030, 2009, p. 21-42.

Patents, (52 Total, 45 issued, 7 pending), five selected examples:  Shiflett, M.B., Yokozeki A., Absorption cycle Utilizing Ionic Liquid as Working Fluid. 2014: US Patent 8,715,521; Shiflett, M.B., Yokozeki, A., Process for Separation of Tetrafluoroethylene from Carbon Dioxide using Ionic Liquids. 2012: US Patent 8,313,558; Shiflett, M.B., Subramaniam, S., Lustig, S.R., Gai, P.L. Storage Materials for Hydrogen. 2010: US Patent 7,731,931; Shiflett, M.B., Corbin, D.R. and Foley, H.C., Mixed Matrix Nanoporous Carbon Membranes. 2004:  US Patent 6,740,143; Shiflett, M.B., Bivens, D.B., and Yokozeki, A., Near-Azeotropic Blends for use as Refrigerants. 1998.  U.S. Patent 5,800,730.

Selected Presentations

Presentations, (155 Total), 60 Invited lectures, 95 Professional presentations at National and International Conferences. Selected examples: Keynote Lecture: Shiflett, M.B., Commercial Applications of Ionic Liquids, ILSEPT4 conference, Sitges, Spain, 2019, September 10; Keynote Lecture: Commercial Applications of Ionic Liquids, 27th EuChEMSIL Conference on Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018, October 8.

Selected Grants

Commercial Products:  Developed three refrigerant mixtures for the DuPont Company.  ASHRAE designations: R-404A, R-407C, R-410A.  R-404A has generated over $1 billion in revenue for DuPont/Chemours in past 10 years.

Grants:  Total Funding $7.5 million ($4.0 million my share) in past 4 years.  Awarded 2020 NSF EFRI (Project EARTH, Environmentally Applied Research Towards Hydrofluorocarbons), 2020 DOE RAPID (Polymer membranes for H2 separation), 2019 NSF REU (Incubator for Porous Materials), 2019 NSF CR (Separation of Azeotropic Refrigerant Mixtures using Ionic Liquids), 2019 NSF MRI (Gravimetric Microbalance), 2007 NSF GOALI grant (Atomistic Simulation of the Physical Properties and Phase Behavior of Ionic Liquid/Gas Mixtures).  Ten industry sponsored projects at KU between 2016 and 2020.


Selected Awards & Honors

  • Miller Professional Development Award for Research, University of Kansas, 2019
  • Fellow, National Academy of Inventors, 2018
  • Industrial Research and Development Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2016
  • Fellow, American Chemical Society, Industrial Chemical & Engineering Division, 2016
  • Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2014
  • University of Delaware Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement, 2007
  • Heroes of Chemistry Award, American Chemical Society, 2006
  • Bolton Carothers Innovative Science Award, DuPont Company, 2005

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