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Emeriti Faculty

   Paul Willhite

Emeritus Distinguished Professor

Learned Hall
Room 4146C

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Don Green

Don Green
Emeritus Distinguished Professor
   4159 Learned Hall

Carl E. Locke

Dean Emeritus
3038 Eaton Hall


Ken Bishop

Emeritus Professor
4159 Learned Hall


Floyd W. Preston



Stanley WalasStanley M. Walas




Russel B. MeslerRussell B. Mesler




Harold F. RossonHarold F. Rosson



Colin S. Howat, IIIColin S. Howat III

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Gang Yang's Comprehensive Exam Defense | Friday, December 13th | starts @ 9:30AM | 298 Slawson

Stop Day - Movie Night | Friday, December 13th | starts @ 5:00PM | Beren Center (G192 Slawson)

Winter Break | The main CPE office will be closed during the week of December 23-27 and again on Wednesday, Janurary 1, 2020. Some faculty and staff may be available on some of these days, but they should be contacted directly for individual appointments. 

Wednesday, January 15th | New Graduate Student Orientation

Tuesday, January 21st | First Day of Spring 2020 Classes

CPE Weekly Graduate Seminar Schedule 

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