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Advising Sign Up

C&PE Faculty Advisors will post their available appointments in Jayhawk GPS, and then you will receive an email to signup. You can find your assigned faculty advisor in your MyKU portal in the MyProgress section under the Academics Main Tab and then under the internal Academics Tab under “Contacts For." Below that listing you should see an option to “Make and Advising Appointment." Appointment time for the spring semester will begin after Spring Break, and in fall advising will begin in early October. Advising periods run for approximately 3 weeks. After that period, all appointments will have to be made via email and will be more difficult to schedule, so don’t delay in setting up your appointment. It’s important that you meet with your advisor during this window. If you delay in signing up, then you could be late in enrolling and miss out on a course you really wanted. Faculty are often less flexible with their availability after the main advising period, so don’t delay. 

All first years need to make appointments with Bhargavi Krishnan (Baggy), your departmental Academic Advisor, through Jayhawk GPS or by using the “Navigate Student” app. If you are not a first year at KU, you will need to meet your assigned faculty advisor by scheduling an appointment via Jayhawk GPS. If you do not see appointment slots, please reach out to your faculty advisor via email and request for an advising appointment. All graduating seniors should have applied for graduation (fall/spring) by now, but if you missed the deadline you need to let Dawn Shew know. More information on how to apply for graduation on enroll and pay is here.

The Advising Handbook is the best on-line resource for any questions or concerns about the advising process. Faculty Advisors are also appropriate resources for advising questions. 

Advising Session

Please go to your advising appointment with an initial list of classes in which you plan to enroll and a current DPR Checklist from your MyKU portal. You will discuss the classes with your advisor. The faculty member should have access to the Department’s copy of your 4 year plan and be able to review that with you, as well as make updates. Make sure you also bring your Enrollment/Advising Course Selection form with you to the appointment, both you and the advisor will have to sign the form.

  • After your appointment you will be required to turn your form in to the C&PE 4141 Learned drop box for your Advising Hold to be lifted. It’s a locked, white box, and will be clearly labeled. This box will be checked each morning (M-F) for Advising Forms and can be accessed after regular office hours.
  • Please note that in order to cut down on paper and ink consumption we would prefer that you either scan or take a photo on your phone of the form before you turn it in to the office.
  • Holds can take up to 24 hours to be lifted, so do not wait to turn in your form. 

Students should look for classes that fulfill both their Engineering and General Education requirements

Enrollment in Enroll & Pay

Please note that meeting with your advisor does not mean you are “enrolled”. You cannot officially enroll until your enrollment appointment time. Check in your enroll & pay account for your enrollment date and time. Example: April 5th @ 2 pm. 

Holds that may prevent enrollment 

Students can find their specific Hold information in their Enroll & Pay account under the Student Center.

  • Advising (EAH) Hold: Take your signed enrollment form from your advising session to the 4141 Learned Drop Box to have your Advising HOLD lifted.
  • Alcohol Education (ALCH) Hold: Follow the instruction in your enroll and pay account or contact staff at Watkins,785-864-9533 for assistance. The first part should be completed early. The second part will not be available until 30 days after the first part has been completed, so do not wait! Details for what is needed can be found at this site
  • Final Official Transcript (ADM) Hold: Students that are in their first KU semester from High School may have a hold placed on their account. If you have questions about this hold you may contact the Admissions office, 785-864-3911 or visit their office in the KU Visitor’s Center at 15th and Iowa.
  • Immunization (IMM) Hold: Follow the instruction in your enroll & pay account or contact staff at Watkins, 785-864-9533 for assistance. Details for what is needed can be found at this site
  • Late Fees: Pay online or contact the Bursar’s Office, 785-864- 3322, for assistance. Details can be found at this site
  • Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Hold: Log in to your Blackboard account and find the instructions under your Courses tab. For assistance call 785-864-4653. Details can be found at this site
  • Parking (PRK) Hold: Please see enroll & pay for more details under the “holds” section.

The Department does not have the power to lift the above mentioned holds except for the Advising Hold. It is the student’s responsibility to take care of the other holds so they can enroll in a timely manner.

Helpful Links for Advising – You can search for courses offered for the upcoming term. If you use the Options tab you can search for specific KU Core goals, Online courses, Specific dates and times, etc.

KU Core Site – You can search here for KU Core approved courses. However, I still suggest you use the Classes site to find the most recent and available courses.

MyKU Portal Tutorials – Need help navigating your portal pages, this web site has what you need.

Enroll & Pay Tutorials

Adding classes – For those of you that may need a refresher, here’s how to add classes to your schedule.

My Success Tutorials - Need help using the Starfish scheduling system, this site has what you need.

Schedule Planner Tutorials - Want help picking a schedule that’s right for you, find out how to use the schedule planner here.

Important Forms

You can find all kinds of important resources and forms here».

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