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All C&PE Faculty Advisors will post their available appointments in MySuccess/Starfish by the middle of next week. Appointment times are expected to start the week of March 26th and run for approximately 3 weeks. After that period all appointments will have to be made via email and will be more difficult to schedule, so don’t delay in setting up your appointment. It’s important that you meet with your advisor during this window. If you delay in signing up, then you could be late in enrolling and miss out on a course you really wanted. Faculty are often less flexible with their availability after the main advising period, so don’t delay.

The departmental Advisor, Samantha Raines, is currently only seeing first year students; therefore, students in the sophomore and junior year of the program, will go to their faculty appointment first and then may choose to make an additional appointment with her after that meeting has taken place and they have selected their courses. Graduating seniors should not need an appointment, unless they need to take classes this summer or next fall. In that case they should sign up for a faculty advising appointment.

Some of the sophomores may not have had a 4 year plan created for them last year, so Samantha is in the process of creating those and sending them out to each student individually. This process should be done before advising takes place. Students will note that there have been a few sequence changes to the junior and senior year, but their updated plans will have the updated version. The faculty advisor will be able to explain the updates during the advising meeting. These changes do not add any credit hours to the program.

All graduating seniors should have applied for graduation (spring/summer) by now, but if they missed the deadline they need to let Samantha know. If a student wants to check their application status, they can find the information in their MyKU portal on the Academics tab below all their general information and under the header of “Application for Degree”.

The Advising Handbook is the best on-line resource for any questions or concerns about the advising process. Faculty Advisors and Samantha are also appropriate resources for advising questions. 

Advising Session

Please go to your advising appointment with an initial list of classes in which you plan to enroll and a current DPR Checklist from your MyKU portal. You will discuss the classes with your advisor. The faculty member should have access to the Department’s copy of your 4 year plan and be able to review that with you, as well as make updates. Make sure you also bring your Enrollment/Advising Course Selection form with you to the appointment, both you and the advisor will have to sign the form.

  • After your appointment you will be required to turn your form in to the C&PE 4132 Learned office for your Advising Hold to be lifted.
  • Please note that in order to cut down on paper and ink consumption we would prefer that you either scan or take a photo on your phone of the form before you turn it in to the office.
  • Holds can take up to 24 hours to be lifted, so do not wait to turn in your form. 
  • If you would like to turn your form in after office hours, you can deposit it in our new Drop Box located in 4141 Learned. It’s a locked, white box and will be clearly labeled. This box will be checked each morning (M-F) for Advising Forms.

Beginning March 1st you can go to the following link for the list of fall and summer classes. Students should look for classes to fulfill both their Engineering and General Education requirements.

Enrollment in Enroll & Pay

Please note that meeting with your advisor does not mean you are “enrolled”, you cannot officially enroll until your enrollment appointment time. Check in the MyKU portal on the Info tab (under your holds and above your photo) for your enrollment date and time. Example: April 5th @ 2 pm. 

Fall and Summer 2018 Enrollment time breakdown:

These are the dates when enrollment begins for students. Please note that the Senior - Freshman classification is by credit hours completed and not by your level in the C&PE program.

Honors Students               March 29 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
thletes                              March 29 beginning at 5:00 p.m.
Seniors                                April 3-4
Juniors                                April 6-9
Sophomores                      April 11-13
Freshman                           April 17-20

Please contact Samantha Raines at if you have any questions about this process.

Holds that may prevent enrollment 

HOLDS will prevent you from enrolling in your classes. All C&PE majors will have an advising hold (EAH). This will prevent students from enrolling until they have advised. The Spring 2018 No Drops Allowed (DRP) Hold will not prevent Fall or Summer 2018 enrollment.

Students can find their specific Hold information on their MyKU portal under the Info tab or in their Enroll & Pay account under the Student Center.

What holds might I need to have lifted in order to enroll?

  • Advising (EAH) Hold: Take your signed enrollment form from your advising session to the C&PE Office (4132 Learned) to have your Advising HOLD lifted.
  • Alcohol Education (ALCH) Hold: Follow the instruction in your MyKU portal or contact staff at Watkins,785-864-9533 for assistance. The first part should be completed early. The second part will not be available until 30 days after the first part has been completed, so do not wait! Details for what is needed can be found at this site
  • Final Official Transcript (ADM) Hold: Students that are in their first KU semester from High School may have a hold placed on their account. If you have questions about this hold you may contact the Admissions office, 785-864-3911 or visit their office in the KU Visitor’s Center at 15th and Iowa.
  • Immunization (IMM) Hold: Follow the instruction in your MyKU portal or contact staff at Watkins, 785-864-9533 for assistance. Details for what is needed can be found at this site
  • Late Fees: Pay online or contact the Bursar’s Office, 785-864- 3322, for assistance. Details can be found at this site
  • Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Hold: Log in to your Blackboard account and find the instructions under your Courses tab. For assistance call 785-864-4653. Details can be found at this site
  • Parking (PRK) Hold: Pay online through your MyKU portal (services) or on the parking website

The Department does not have the power to lift any of the above mentioned holds beyond the Advising Hold. It is the student’s responsibility to take care of the other holds so they can enroll in a timely manner.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Advising

How to sign up for an advising appointment

Please log on to your MyKU portal and go to My Success (under the Home Tab), then go through the steps to sign-up for your advising meeting.

You can find your assigned faculty advisor in your MyKU portal in the MyProgress section under the Academics Main Tab and then under the internal Academics Tab under “Contacts For." Below that listing you should see an option to “Make and Advising Appointment."

In Starfish you will have to scroll through the list of people to find your faculty advisor (the search function seems to have glitches) and then you should see the option to schedule a meeting by their name. If you are unable to find your assigned C&PE faculty advisor, please email them to set up your appointment.

First year students should have already signed up with Samantha Raines instead of their faculty advisor for this round of advising.

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