Tugba Turnaoglu

Graduated Fall 2019
PhD in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (Chemical Focus)
Primary office:


Tugba received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Ankara University in Turkey and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. She started her PhD studies at KU in 2014. For the first three years of her degree, she worked on low salinity waterflooding on carbonate reservoirs. She then changed projects and worked with Dr. Mark Shiflett on ammonia absorption in ionic liquids. Her dissertation research focused on ionic liquids, heating cooling cycles, vapor liquid equilibria, zeolites, nanofluids, surfactants and surface phenomena. Tugba enjoys teaching and spreading scientific knowledge. Besides her enthusiasm towards research, she love playing the piano, watching movies, traveling, and discovering new places with her friends in my free time. After graduating, Tugba accepted a position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. To keep up with Tugba, check out her LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/turnaoglu 

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