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Saturday, April 1, 2017

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Selected 2016-2017 Publications

Bravo-Suarez, J.J.; Maiti, S.K.; Venkitasubramanian, P.
Highly Active Tungsten-Based Homogeneous Venturello Catalyst for the Epoxidation of Soybean Oil
In Preparation (2017)

Srinivasan, P.D.; Bravo-Suarez, J.J.
Improved Design of a Commercial in Situ Diffuse Reflectance Reaction Cell for Optical-fiber UV-Visible Spectroscopy
In Preparation (2017)

Srinivasan, P.D.; Bravo-Suarez, J.J.
Design Characteristics of in Situ and Operando UV-Visible-NIR Spectroscopy Reaction Cells in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Submitted (2017)
Kumar, R.; Enjamuri, N.; Shah, S.; Bravo-Suárez, J.J.;* Chowdhury, B.*
Overview of Ketonization Reaction of Oxygenated Hydrocarbons on Ceria Based Catalysts
Submitted (2016)

Keshri, K.S.; Santra, C.; Tang, Y.; Sreedhar, B.; Pandey, J.K.; Tao, F.; Bravo-Suarez, J.J.;* Chowdhury, B.*
Gold Supported on Tl Doped CeO2: a Highly Active and Selective Catalyst for Benzyl Alcohol Aerobic Oxidation at Mild Conditions
Submitted (2016)

Leon, A.Y.; Guzman, A.; Laverde, D.; Chaudhari, R.V.; Subramaniam, B.; Bravo-Suarez, J.J.*
Thermal Cracking and Catalytic Hydrocracking of a Colombian Vacuum Residue and Its Maltenes and Asphaltenes Fractions in Toluene
Accepted for Publication in Energy & Fuels (2017)

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