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C&PE Awards Banquet

Thursday, May 4, 2017

On April 29th, the C&PE Department was proud to honor the following students, faculty, and alumni at our Annual Awards Banquet:

Outstanding Academic Achievement: Jordan Hildenbrand (Chemical Engineering) and Robert Wargo (Petroleum Engineering)

Outstanding Freshman: Kaylee Barr (Chemical Engineering) and Zalma Molina (Petroleum Engineering)

Outstanding Sophomore: Dylan Flohrschutz (Chemical Engineering) and Raudhah Soffian (Petroleum Engineering)

AIChE Outstanding Sophomores: Taylor Bahm, Adam M. Boyer, Andrew Doerflinger, Kyle T. Gilmore, Colton E. Lagerman, Steven R. Nitz            

Outstanding Junior: Andrew Doerflinger (Chemical Engineering) and Jacob Antonneau (Petroleum Engineering)               

Vince Imbler Outstanding Senior: Kevin Tenny (Chemical Engineering) and Kristina Hansen (Petroleum Engineering)               

Outstanding Senior Design: Faiz Mandani (Chemical Engineering) and Ryan Rosecrans, Marieliza Suarez, Isabella Farley, Atiq Ahmadullah, Saad Alotaibi, Austin Miller, Daniel Ott, Eric Gergens, Paa Imbeah, Stephen Ngatia, and Yadira Chavez (Petroleum Engineering)

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant: Aishik Chakraborty (Chemical Engineering), Mustafa Al Hubail (Petroleum Engineering) and Rudhra Anandan (Petroleum Engineering)

Outstanding Master of Science Research: Negar Nazari, MS in Petroleum Engineering

Maloney Award for Writing: Erik Van Kampen, Ph.D.

Fred Kurata Thermodynamics Award: Colton Lagerman, Senior

Merrill A. Jones Service Award: Carrie Albers (Chemical Engineering) and Aubrey Jeffries (Petroleum Engineering)

Oenbring Undergraduate Teaching Award: Stevin Gehrke (Chemical Engineering) and Reza Barati (Petroleum Engineering)

Honors Cords Recipients: Saad Alharbi, Cameron Arnold, Rachel Bender, Qinwen Fu, Jonathan Crane,   Kathryn Everett, John Handley, Matthew Hartenstein, Jordan Hildenbrand, Mark Lafollette, Jose Lopez Ninantay, Anna Lynn, Faiz Mandani, Addison Schauer, Tess Seuferling, Hannah Smith, Kelly Song, Kevin Tenny, Amy Zheng, and Carrie Albers

‚ÄčThese honorees exemplify the tremendous work being done in and around the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department. 

Congratulations again to all of our awardees! 

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