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  • The Cover of "Materials" features Prof. Trung Nguyen's Research

The Cover of "Materials" features Prof. Trung Nguyen's Research

Monday, April 17, 2017

Trung Nguyen, in collaboration with his colleagues at Vanderbilt University, has received the attention of an important open access journal as their publication has been selected as the article for the cover page of the  issue. 

"Materials," Volume 9, Issue 3 is the exact issue to keep an eye out for. The article states, "Electrospun composite fuel cell membranes can overcome many limitations of conventional, solution cast films. Nanofibers not only mechanically reinforce the membrane but also reduce swelling, thus minimizing fuel crossover and improving durability. Dual-fiber electrospinning, developed at Vanderbilt University, enables morphological control over a wide range of polymer compositions. High performance electrospun Nafion/PPSU membranes are cost-competitive with solution cast and commercial Nafion membranes for regenerative H2/Br2 and conventional H2/air fuel cells."

It is wonderful to know that we have one of the leaders in fuel cell research here at KU.

Congratulations, Professor Nguyen!

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